Digital Collectibles by Marie Bloomfield


About Marie Bloomfield

Marie Bloomfield is a passionate Australian DJ and Producer whose raw talent and love for music shines through her energy-driven performances and original productions.

With her first digital collectible collection, she offers fans the possibility to become a part of her journey. With the Collectibles


The Collectibles & their Benefits

First of all, you're supporting a rising star on her musical journey by purchasing a Digital Collectible. That's not all:

  • Early Access to her new single (Radio Edit) coming out on May 12th 2023

  • A Digital Collectible on the Polygon Blockchain, which is yours forever

  • An AI generated Artwork from Marie, that comes with the Collectible

  • Only available in a certain timeframe from May 4th to May 12th 2023, after that the collectibles will never be available for sale again and can only be traded on the secondary market


The unique
1/1 Auction

There will only ever be this one special 1/1 Collectible. Here are the special perks of being the owner of this unique part of Maries journey:

  • A Digital Collectible on the Ethereum Blockchain, which is yours forever

  • Early Access to the Extended Version coming out on May 12th 2023

  • backstage pass (behind decks) at the official crypto cruise conference pre-release party @domhof, Koln

  • An animated/special colour ai generated artwork from Marie, that comes with the Collectible

I want them. What now?

Here's how to get them

The Standard Collection

Click on the button below, which leads you to the Page where you can purchase the Digital Collectible. You can either pay with a credit card or with Matic a Crypto Currency on the Polygon Blockchain.

The Backstage Pass

Become the only(!) holder of the unique 1/1 asset for this song. You can place your bid with Ether, the native cryptocurrency on Ethereum:

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